Avengers #1 CGC 3.0


All the heroes go to the house of Rick Jones when Thor sees out from the window an illusion of the Hulk, conjured by Loki. Thor tries to stop the Hulk, only to discover it was an illusion. Thor then realizes that only his brother Loki could conjure illusions and Thor travels to Asgard. All the other heroes chase the Hulk to a circus, where Ant-Man commands his ants to dig underneath Hulk, causing a hole to appear, trapping Hulk. Hulk proved to be too strong, as Hulk escapes. But Ant-Man commands his Ants once more to drop a steel tube around Hulk, a seconds attempt to trap Hulk. It fails and Hulk breaks free. Iron Man then comes up and challenges the Hulk, to which Hulk leaps into the air in an effort to escape. But Ant-Man has a mesh nylon net set, But Hulk proved to be strong enough to escape. Iron Man then follows Hulk, but Hulk smashes Iron Man's main battery, so Hulk escapes once more